we make eating vegetables tastier varinicey pakoras

very nice and plant based & gluten free

Varinicey Pakoras make fresh and delicious pakoras. All our pakora and drinks are created house-made. Based out of our own commercial kitchen in the DTES of Vancouver, we cook and serve fresh from our rechargeable food trailer.

Our location changes, as we have wheels on our booth. You will find us catering to neighbourhoods, or stationing up in a chill park.

cooking vegetables

We make a vast array of pakoras, and serve them with a selection of fancy sauces. Beginning with our original variety, we use carrots, onions, kale, yams and swiss chard. Our pakoras are battered in our own special mix of chickpea flour and spices, making them totally 100% gluten free.

We also serve delicious smoothies , and are pleased to offer the BANARAMA, a battered and savory banana served on a stick