All vegetable all the time varinicey pakoras

crafted fresh smoothies & chai

We take pride in our work, and it shows. Every time you have one of our pakoras, you are doing to say "DAMN". Whether it's our world famous Original pakoras dressed with all the sauces, a delightful mango-coconut lassi, or something as simple as a cup of our refreshing chai, you will be coming back for more.

Delicious Treats, Good Eats pakora & variety


The Original Pakora- onions, carrots, yams, kale, and mixed swiss chard

The Chili Crush pakora- all of the above with chrushed chili peppers

The Green Party Pakora- added portions dark green leafy vegetables

Availiable in three sizes: small 7.5 regular 9 large 12

Our specialty pakora:

Going Back To Cauli - a cauliflower-centric style pakora

The Mushroom Bomb - plump whole mushrooms added to our orginal

The Beet Drop -our delicious original, augmented with the Red Beet

The Broccoli Forest - added broccoli florets cooked to perfection

regular 9.5 large 12.5

we are mobile catering corperate events

We also have party/event trays that serve up to 10-15 hungry eaters. Trays are 10" x 16" and 3" deep. you could order pizza, but we feel this is a better offer:

Mixed Original Varieties 35

Mixed Specialty pakoras 45

Mango Chutney 350ml 6

Hot pickle (varies) 350ml 7.5

Raita Sauce 350ml 7.5


Our house made chai with almond milk 3

Cardamon Red Raspberry cordial, on ice 3.5

Mango Coconut smoothies with 1% yoghurt 4 .